We source the majority of our meats and produce from local businesses and farms. 



Charlton Musgrove & Clanville Manor

Some of the cuts include: 

- Fillet, Sirloin, Rump and Ribeye steaks

- Topside, Silverside, Brisket joints

- Mince Steak and Mince Beef

- Braising Steak

- Steak Burgers

Steven Bevan of Prestleigh Lamb

Available in store: 

- Lamb Chops

- Lamb Leg Steaks

- Shoulder and Leg joints

- Lamb Shanks

- Lamb Mince



Wellington & Taunton 

Some of the pork on offer:

- Leg and Shoulder joints

- Pork Loin Steaks, Pork Chops

- Belly of Pork

- Spare Ribs

- Minced Pork

We also offer a full Hog Roast service, ask for more detals or to make a booking.

Chicken from Devon & Melksham

Available to purchase Free Range or Barn Reared: 

- Chicken Breasts, Thighs, Drumsticks and Wings

- Whole Chicken

- Diced Chicken

Other Poultry include Duck, Geese and Turkeys.

Fresh or frozen available



Andrew Barclay's own Cured Bacon

We dry cure and smoke our own Bacon, sliced by hand for that personal touch. 

Range available: 

- Dry Cure Green Back Bacon

- Dry Cure Smoked Back Bacon

- Dry Cure Green Streaky Bacon

- Dry Cure Smoked Streaky Bacon

Wet Cure also in stock 

Wiltshire Game, Tisbury

If you're ready for an incredible meal, our loally sourced Venison, Pheasant, Wild Duck, Grouse, Partridge, Pigeon, Rabbit and Hare are the ideal meat for that special occasion.


Speak to us to find out what's in season.



Mere Fish Farm

We offer a selection of the finest fish from Mere Fish Farm. They include: 

- Smoked Trout Terine

- Cold Smoked Rainbow Trout

Their on-site smokery ensures that there is as little a delay as possible from their ponds to your table.


Our Sausages are hand made here in Wincanton, using only locally sourced free range pork. Producing our own Sausages gives us ultimate quality control and ensures you get them as fresh as possible.

Popular flavours in store: 

- Traditional Pork Sausages

- Old English

- Cumberland

- Gloucester Old Spot

- Pork and Leek

- Wild Boar and Cranberry

- Venison

- Caramelised Onion and many many more! Call us to order a flavour of your choice.


Cooked Meats

Frozen Pies

Family favourite pies include: 

- Steak and Kidney

- Steak and onion

- Chicken and Leek

- Chicken and Mushroom

Can be found in the shop freezer. Ask about our lasagnes, cottage and shepherds pies too! 

Cooked Meats and Pate

Some of the ready sliced meats available to purchase:

- Ham and Honey Roast Ham

- Beef, Salt Beef, Corned Beef

- Tongue and Liver Sausage

- Pastrami, Black Pepper Salami and Cooked Smoked Pork Loin

Duck, Brussels, Ardennes, Dorset and Wild Boar and Cognac Pate's in store too!



Selection of Local Cheeses

The range comprises of:

- Godminster Cheddar

- Barbers 1833

- Somerset Camembert and Brie

- Tunworth Soft Cheese

- Isle of Wight Blue

- Montgomery Cheddar

- Dorset Blue Vinny

- Keens Cheddar

- Award Winning Bath Blue

- Long Clawson Stilton and much much more! 

The Traditional Free Range Egg Company and 
St Martin’s Farm in Zeals, Wiltshire.

Fresh award-winning Eggs from  truly free range hens. They are delicious and nutritious as of course they're local too so are as fresh as possible.




Fresh organic pasteurised, unhomogenised milk straight from the farm. 

Whole and semi-skimmed ready to purchase. 


We have the best Jersey Cream made from untreated milk direct from Elliscombe Farm just outside Wincanton.



Longman's Salted & Unsalted Butter

The Longman family have been farmers and farmhouse cheese makers in Somerset for over 200 years. Longmans butter is churned in Somerset using milk from local herds. The milk is separated and the cream Is churned into fantastic butter!


Situated on the outskirts of Taunton, Sedgemoor Honey Farm has been producing the finest Somerset Honey since the 1970s when they started out with just two bee hives. Now 300 colonies of bees forage for nectar in the fields and hedgerows of Somerset making this a truly local product.



Barclay's Cuisine

Try our very own home made cakes with delicious flavours from the classic Victoria Sponge to Lemon Drizzle, Chocolate, Coffee and Carrot Cake and many other family favourites.

Barclay's Cuisine

Raspberry, Squidgey Chocolate, Redcurrent, Lemon and Lime and Lemon and Stem Ginger are just some of the flavours from our own range of chocloate and fruit roulades.


Pies, Pastries and Scotch Eggs

Pork Pies, Scotch Egg's Quiche, Somerset Pasties and Sausage rolls are just some of the delicious delights you'll find at our Deli counter. Come in store to try just some of our products!


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'A fantastic local butchers, exactly as I remember from childhood. The handmade sausages make your mouth water. A wide selection of produce available. Highly recommended.' - Tony
'Thank you so much for the absolutely delicious piece of sirloin which I bought last Friday. I seared it in the roasting tray then cooked it for 40 minutes in top Aga oven at about 190. All 17 of us thought it memorable. Thank you again' -  Giles
'Lovely rolled sirloin beef, cooked as instructed by young Chris and it sure did just melt in your mouth 🌟🌟🌟🌟' - Lesley
'We won the bid at the Wincanton Choral Society social evening last year for the shoulder of lamb that you had donated. It has been in our freezer since then - until last weekend when I cooked it. It was truly superb -  the most tasty, succulent tender piece of lamb we have ever eaten - we all agreed! I just had to let you know and say thank you for donating it.' - Sue

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